Sunday, November 06, 2005

what a night

the night started off slow. joe and i went to a house of a UMKC kid named mark at first. everyone was smoking and drinking but we didn't; we just sat around and talked to some people and then played some foosball. zach showed up to the party with our boomers, we took them and then left. when we got back to campus we were just waiting for the trip to start as we listened to enya and sat around. as soon as we started feeling it ,we decided to walk around campus and experience nature. i have never felt anything quite like that before. it was fun. not one time last night did i think about smoking. i'm pretty sure im making quite a progress kicking the habit.

i dont have much homework today. last week i was pretty motivated and got a head start on all of my assignments. i have a test on thursday in biology and friday in chemistry...yuck. today, my roommate jc and i are getting a couch for our dorm room that pulls out into a bed. i had to get up early and clean up the room. i dont think ive ever seen it this organized. i like it. hopefully today ill be able to go over to jackey's so she can fix my hair. so long for now.


Blogger Lisa said...

you punk, now i can't link you to MY blog because dad reads mine and i'm pretty sure he's gonna know what you mean by boomers. But keep writing anyway, it's nice to see what's going on with you since you never call me! I miss you!

6:18 AM


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