Thursday, November 10, 2005

Superfood Sucks

i had to get up early for a biology test today. i didn't have any time to eat before the test so i grabbed an odwalla from the cafeteria. my biology teacher was telling me how he thought that the superfood odwalla tastes good. i bought it. i shook it up and looked inside. i almost puked. it looked like algae, which now i know it was. i tried it thinking that it would taste better, but no...it was rancid. superfood sucks.

the bio test went really well. yay.

chem test tomorrow. i spent all night teaching people the material. i've found that teaching others helps me learn the best. after studying, "the girl" walked with me from our science building to the rockroom. it was exciting. i feel like i have a grade school crush. i like it.

quesetion for the day: "is it considered sleeping with someone if you just spend all night having sex with her?"

quote of the day: "life's like a dick...when it gets hard, 'fuck it'"


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