Tuesday, November 08, 2005

New Pub Menu

we got a new pub menu yesterday at rockhurst. way to go sodexho! hah! the food still sucks. i tried the reuben melt and remembered that i cannot handle anything german. from the music to the ladies to the food. the saurekraut killed me. :(

on a brighter note, i only had one class today. tuesdays are my relaxing days. i woke up at 10 and took a relaxing shower, then had lunch. i went to class where the room was 99 million degrees. yikes. after that i kinda just sat around all day like a pile of shit. i studied a little bit tonight so i don't feel entirely too bad. my room is starting to get messy and it bothers me. too many people come and go leaving their trash behind. im going to start enforcing the three rules we had at the beginning of the year:
1) no trash
2)no ugly people (unless you in our room)
3)no whining (unless you live in our room)
...these were carefully planned out to keep our room enjoyable. both my roommate and myself have laxed on the enforcement, but we are about to step it up. i posted a photo album on my facebook today so check it out! i put on the pictures of my new haircut given by none other than jackey mattison. at first i was really disappointed and thought i looked like a cancer patient, but now i've come to like it.

tip for the day: don't drink and drive...you might spill your beer.


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