Tuesday, November 08, 2005

La Dee Da

yesterday wasn't very eventful. sunday night i went to bed at 8:30 and got up at 8 yesterday morning. you think with all that sleep that i would have been pretty well awake for most of the day....but no, i still almost fell asleep in all of my classes. i don't learn much in the classes anyways. everything we do in chemistry i've already done in physics, and this is my third year in a biology class, so i am pretty familiar with plant reporduction. english class is a joke. our teacher comes in a few minutes late to every class and never has any material prepared. we are supposed to be an advanced english class, but every other class has more work and harder papers than us. i guess i should consider myself lucky. the people in my class hate the teacher because he doesn't put any effort into the class and he is extremely monotonous. i think i'm starting to get annoyed with him too.

i ate way too much food yesterday. i spent about 35 dollars on lunch and dinner together. the sad part is that i was still rather hungry after i got home at night. this happens to me everyday. maybe that's why i've managed to spend 1100 dollars in two and a half months on food. eek. something quite scary happened to me yesterday... it was about 12:30 and i was across the hall fixing peter nguyen's computer and i realized that it was a piece of shit and couldn't be fixed. so i gave up and headed to my room and as i climbed into my bed, this kid sat up screaming in it. i freaked out and started punching him all over. i felt kind of bad cuz after that i realized that it was joe. haha, oh well...that will teach him to keep his shit out of my bed. haha. well i have to go to class now, but i should be able to get another post in sometime tonight. out.


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