Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Hug Me, I Gave Blood Today

the phone rings. its 8 am. i crawl out of bed. wrong number. great.

classes on wednesday aren't much fun for me. i have three in a row starting at 9 and then a chem lab from 2:20 until 6. i squeezed in a short time around 12 to give some blood; it was my first time. it really wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to be. the worst part of it was the little finger prick they give you at the beginning to test the hemoglobin in your blood. i didn't eat anything at all before that but didn't feel faint or sick. i'm lucky i guess.

chem lab was painful. my lab partner reggie and i set up all of our experiment and started to heat our solutions and realized that we screwed up. actually i messed up, not reggie. we had to do everything over but managed to get done before about half of the other people. i hate messing up.

shane (the bodybuilder down the hall) convinced me to go lift with him tonight. ha. i didn't realize how out of shape i'd become with my laxed college behaviors. maybe if i keep at it i'll be able to work myself out of this slump. hey, if jared can get skinny, so can i. i tried to be anorexic with joe starting last friday. i made it about 3 hours, then had convinced myself that i would starve to death if i didn't eat witnhin the next 10 minutes. food...yum. well i have a biology test tomorrow and a chemistry test on friday so i must be off to continue studying. tata for now.

p.s. there's a girl...


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