Friday, November 18, 2005


wow. i haven't been able to post lately because of the tremendous amount of homework i've had. i have a 3000 word essay in english about the advantages and disadvantages of single-sex schooling. for those who don't know, that's about 12 pages. yippee

oh yeah, i have a bio paper due on monday too. about 20 pages. ugh.

i need to go to work on that, i should start regular posting again after monday. adios.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Superfood Sucks

i had to get up early for a biology test today. i didn't have any time to eat before the test so i grabbed an odwalla from the cafeteria. my biology teacher was telling me how he thought that the superfood odwalla tastes good. i bought it. i shook it up and looked inside. i almost puked. it looked like algae, which now i know it was. i tried it thinking that it would taste better, but no...it was rancid. superfood sucks.

the bio test went really well. yay.

chem test tomorrow. i spent all night teaching people the material. i've found that teaching others helps me learn the best. after studying, "the girl" walked with me from our science building to the rockroom. it was exciting. i feel like i have a grade school crush. i like it.

quesetion for the day: "is it considered sleeping with someone if you just spend all night having sex with her?"

quote of the day: "life's like a dick...when it gets hard, 'fuck it'"

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Hug Me, I Gave Blood Today

the phone rings. its 8 am. i crawl out of bed. wrong number. great.

classes on wednesday aren't much fun for me. i have three in a row starting at 9 and then a chem lab from 2:20 until 6. i squeezed in a short time around 12 to give some blood; it was my first time. it really wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to be. the worst part of it was the little finger prick they give you at the beginning to test the hemoglobin in your blood. i didn't eat anything at all before that but didn't feel faint or sick. i'm lucky i guess.

chem lab was painful. my lab partner reggie and i set up all of our experiment and started to heat our solutions and realized that we screwed up. actually i messed up, not reggie. we had to do everything over but managed to get done before about half of the other people. i hate messing up.

shane (the bodybuilder down the hall) convinced me to go lift with him tonight. ha. i didn't realize how out of shape i'd become with my laxed college behaviors. maybe if i keep at it i'll be able to work myself out of this slump. hey, if jared can get skinny, so can i. i tried to be anorexic with joe starting last friday. i made it about 3 hours, then had convinced myself that i would starve to death if i didn't eat witnhin the next 10 minutes. food...yum. well i have a biology test tomorrow and a chemistry test on friday so i must be off to continue studying. tata for now.

p.s. there's a girl...

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

New Pub Menu

we got a new pub menu yesterday at rockhurst. way to go sodexho! hah! the food still sucks. i tried the reuben melt and remembered that i cannot handle anything german. from the music to the ladies to the food. the saurekraut killed me. :(

on a brighter note, i only had one class today. tuesdays are my relaxing days. i woke up at 10 and took a relaxing shower, then had lunch. i went to class where the room was 99 million degrees. yikes. after that i kinda just sat around all day like a pile of shit. i studied a little bit tonight so i don't feel entirely too bad. my room is starting to get messy and it bothers me. too many people come and go leaving their trash behind. im going to start enforcing the three rules we had at the beginning of the year:
1) no trash
2)no ugly people (unless you in our room)
3)no whining (unless you live in our room)
...these were carefully planned out to keep our room enjoyable. both my roommate and myself have laxed on the enforcement, but we are about to step it up. i posted a photo album on my facebook today so check it out! i put on the pictures of my new haircut given by none other than jackey mattison. at first i was really disappointed and thought i looked like a cancer patient, but now i've come to like it.

tip for the day: don't drink and drive...you might spill your beer.

La Dee Da

yesterday wasn't very eventful. sunday night i went to bed at 8:30 and got up at 8 yesterday morning. you think with all that sleep that i would have been pretty well awake for most of the day....but no, i still almost fell asleep in all of my classes. i don't learn much in the classes anyways. everything we do in chemistry i've already done in physics, and this is my third year in a biology class, so i am pretty familiar with plant reporduction. english class is a joke. our teacher comes in a few minutes late to every class and never has any material prepared. we are supposed to be an advanced english class, but every other class has more work and harder papers than us. i guess i should consider myself lucky. the people in my class hate the teacher because he doesn't put any effort into the class and he is extremely monotonous. i think i'm starting to get annoyed with him too.

i ate way too much food yesterday. i spent about 35 dollars on lunch and dinner together. the sad part is that i was still rather hungry after i got home at night. this happens to me everyday. maybe that's why i've managed to spend 1100 dollars in two and a half months on food. eek. something quite scary happened to me yesterday... it was about 12:30 and i was across the hall fixing peter nguyen's computer and i realized that it was a piece of shit and couldn't be fixed. so i gave up and headed to my room and as i climbed into my bed, this kid sat up screaming in it. i freaked out and started punching him all over. i felt kind of bad cuz after that i realized that it was joe. haha, oh well...that will teach him to keep his shit out of my bed. haha. well i have to go to class now, but i should be able to get another post in sometime tonight. out.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

what a night

the night started off slow. joe and i went to a house of a UMKC kid named mark at first. everyone was smoking and drinking but we didn't; we just sat around and talked to some people and then played some foosball. zach showed up to the party with our boomers, we took them and then left. when we got back to campus we were just waiting for the trip to start as we listened to enya and sat around. as soon as we started feeling it ,we decided to walk around campus and experience nature. i have never felt anything quite like that before. it was fun. not one time last night did i think about smoking. i'm pretty sure im making quite a progress kicking the habit.

i dont have much homework today. last week i was pretty motivated and got a head start on all of my assignments. i have a test on thursday in biology and friday in chemistry...yuck. today, my roommate jc and i are getting a couch for our dorm room that pulls out into a bed. i had to get up early and clean up the room. i dont think ive ever seen it this organized. i like it. hopefully today ill be able to go over to jackey's so she can fix my hair. so long for now.

I've decided to start a new blog. Here goes nothing.